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Houses have always fascinated me.  When I was ten I created houses in my younger sister’s sandbox.  My mother’s avocation was a builder and her “buildathons” on our family home taught me about structure and design in a house.  When I purchased my own home, an 1898 fourteen room Victorian, in 1979 I created my first clay model of that house.  I have done many commissioned houses since. 

ONE OF A KIND Clay HOUSE:  Artist's First House        14" x 18" x 18"               NFS

ONE OF A KIND Clay HOUSE: Artist's First House        14" x 18" x 18"              NFS


Presently I am working on clay models of historically significant buildings in downtown Hartford, CT including the Memorial Arch, the Colt building, the traveler's tower and a chess set which incorporates several major historic downtown structures.


I have been working as a clay handbuilder since 1969 when I earned MY B.a. in Studio Art from Valparaiso University, Indiana.  In 1974 I earned an M.A. from Hartford Art School, west Hartford and I have been a member of Wesleyan Potters, Middletown, CT since 1985.  I have worked as an art teacher as well as a self-employed clay artist wholesaling to galleries throughout the U.S. and internationally.